Why Choose Us?

Translations and Languages are the true passions at the heart of Active Translate, making us the number one translation company in Cyprus as well as leading translation companies in Turkey and UK.


Active Translate Language Services, is a professional translation agency based in North Cyprus and London. We offer high quality technical, legal,business, financial, medical and certified document translations. Our Highly-trained translators are dedicated to providing the most accurate translation expertise. All our linguists (translators and interpreters), are accredited professional linguists. Active Translate provides highest quality language translations in fast and competitive prices. Contact Active Team for all your translation needs, and we will make sure to offer you the best language service available today.


Active Translate has offices in Kyrenia, North Cyprus and London, UK.Our highly-trained team are certified language translators throughout the United Kingdom, Cyprus and Turkey. Our clients are public and privately held corporations, international law firms and financial institutions, as well as government and state-owned entities.


Since 2009 Active Translate is one of the best translation companies in Europe offering translations that will save you time and money.

Our company is the result of experience, hard work and a constant determination to improve ourselves. We have a great passion for languages but even more, our goal is to build bridges between cultures and peoples. We work with the best people because our own desire is to offer you the highest quality translation services.

In 2014 Active translate took an important step and became partners with Tuluhan Translation which is one of the best translation company in Cyprus. Since then, we have been offering a comprehensive service with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction, delivering high quality translations that strictly adhere to your deadliness. You will receive an accurately completed translation, translated by our highly trained and experienced translation professionals, with guaranteed confidentiality.

Active translate offers 24/7 accurate translation services with truly specialized translators and our guarantee to meet our client’s tightest deadlines have made us an indispensable part of the legal scene around the world.

Qualified Professionals


Active Translate is different from all the other Translation companies because we ensure that your project is assigned only to a qualified person who has specialized experience in the relevant field of subject of study.  When you receive your order from Active Translate you can expect all of the technical translations to be correct.



We believe that writing you own Essay is the best way to learn your subject of study but sometimes you are just so busy or maybe you got another writing assignment to do or maybe you just want to relax and travel therefore you want to rely on an expert to write your essay so that you get a good grade and impress your teacher as well as your family. Active Translate handles your work professionally and delivers your work on time.

Delivered on Time


Active Translate is the only company that submits your order on time.

We even have a policy stating:


“If we don’t deliver your work on the promised day your work will be free of charge”


*That’s why thousands of people from United Kingdom, Turkey and Cyprus chose us.